UK Chief Medical Advisor on COVID-19: “I Think It's Very Easy to Forget Quite How Quickly Things Can Turn Bad”

Christopher Whitty, the Chief Medical Advisor to the UK government, has told MPs that another surge in COVID-19 cases is likely as the UK begins to lift society out of lockdown, warning that the situation could “turn bad”.

Mr Whitty gave the stark warning to the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee today, encouraging them to “look at what is happening in continental Europe at the moment where a lot of countries are having to close things down again”. Mr Whitty stated that despite “a lot of people think[ing] that this is all over”, the modelling suggests otherwise;

“There is going to be a surge” that will “find the people who have not been vaccinated” and those where the vaccine has “not worked”.

Mr Whitty went on to say that the current modelling “makes a number of assumptions”. However, this did not affect the judgement that there would be further deaths. Mr Whitty noted “that the ratio of [deaths to cases] would go right down” as a result of vaccinations, but would not go “down to zero”.



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