Nigel Farage: Nobody in the History of the World Has Done More for People of Colour Than the British Royal Family

The former Reform Party leader Nigel Farage, who announced that he would resign from party politics on the 7th March but vowed to “not go away”, slammed Harry and Meghan today in an interview with Newsmax.

Mr Farage was commenting on Sunday’s highly controversial interview, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made claims to the American TV host Oprah Winfrey which implicated some members of the royal family as being racist with an inability to “challenge colonial undertones”.

In an interview today with Newsmax, Mr Farage stated:

“The Queen and the royal family have spent the last 70 years touring around the Commonwealth. The vast majority of those people are black and Asian. I would put it to you, nobody in the world in history has done more for people of colour than the British royal family”. 

The former Reform Party leader continued:

“The British people are disgusted and by majority of two to one, opinion polls now say we want them stripped of their titles”. 

An opinion poll conducted by the MailOnline asking respondents whether the Duke and Duchess should be stripped of their titles resulted in overwhelming support for the royal family. This support was mirrored in a YouGov poll which asked 2111 adults the question: 

“from what you have read and heard, do you think Harry and Meghan’s two-hour interview with Oprah Winfrey was appropriate or inappropriate?”. 

Of the respondents, 47% said that the interview was inappropriate, whilst 21% said the opposite. A second question asking respondents “from what you have read and heard, how much sympathy, if any, do you have for Harry and Meghan?” gave equally disparaging results where 29% of respondents said they had some sympathy and 56% said they had little or none.

The comments made today by Mr Farage are a continuation of his ongoing criticism of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In a video posted to Twitter on the 8th of March, Mr Farage labelled the interview as “vindictive” and “designed to hurt the monarchy”. The former Reform Party leader continued, stating that Meghan had “planned a big Hollywood career on the back of being a Princess right from the word go” and Harry “publicly betray[ing] members of [his] own family in front of the world's media is nothing short of being absolutely despicable”. Mr Farage also asserted that Meghan is a manipulator who “plays fast and loose with the truth” and Harry is “a weak man ruined”.



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