Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Interview: Duke and Duchess Highly Critical of the Royal Institution

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who last year took the decision to ‘step back’ from their duties in the Royal Family and work to become ‘financially independent’, spoke of their personal grievances yesterday in a highly anticipated and critical interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Among the explosive revelations made by the couple, who alleged that they were forced to make multi-million pound deals with Spotify and Netflix after being ‘literally cut off financially’ by the Royal Family, included Meghan’s complaint that she was denied help from the royal family after suffering suicidal thoughts and feeling that she ‘just didn’t want to be alive anymore’.

One of the more serious allegations made by the Duchess was of ‘conversations’ between Harry and a senior member of the Royal Family discussing the skin tone of the couple’s child. When asked by Oprah, the Duchess refused to elaborate on the identity of the senior royal due to the ‘very damaging’ results. Harry then went on to speak of his frustration with the royal family’s inability to ‘challenge’ the ‘colonial undertones’ in the media’s coverage of Meghan. 

The Duke of Sussex went on to tell how he felt ‘let down’ by his brother the Duke of Cambridge and father the Prince of Wales. Harry spoke particularly of the rift with his father, referring to Prince Charles’ experience of going ‘through something similar’. Harry then declared that his brother and father ‘are trapped’ and ‘they don't get to leave’ the Royal Institution. 

Despite the couple’s revelations, it was insisted that they maintain a ‘really good’ relationship with the Queen and life in California has ‘brought [them] peace’.



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