Mass Outages Affecting Services Across the Internet Including News and Government Websites

A large number of major media and government websites have gone down with many displaying the messages “Error 504” and “Error 503.”

Early reports have indicated that the outage could be related to the cloud computing provider Fastly, although the majority of the inactive sites in the media sphere seem to be left-leaning.

Below is the list of affected sites identified by This list is not complete and other sites may be affected too. 

Buzzfeed, The Independent, Vox, The New York Times, The Guardian, Vice, CNN,, The White House, The Financial Times,,, New Statesman, Reddit, The Verge, Etsy, Quora, Ebay, Stack Overflow, Fastly,, The New Yorker, Atlantic,, Vanity Fair, GitHub,,, Buzzfeed News,, CBS News,,, Wired, The Hill, Sharex, HBO, Shopify

At the time of writing, the Thousand Eyes internet outages map identified 34 outages, with 73 IP addresses affected on the east coast of the United States, 52 in central Europe and 17 in Beijing.