Mandatory COVID Jabs for NHS Workers to be Abandoned

Plans to mandate COVID vaccinations for National Health Service (NHS) staff and social care workers are set to be dropped, according to The Telegraph.

The decision comes after the government considered challenges from the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal College of Midwives, and the Royal College of GPs, who all warned that government plans to fire up to 80,000 workers for lack of Covid vaccination would have catastrophic effects on the UK’s health services.

An inside government source said

“Omicron has changed things. When we first introduced the policy, it was delta that was the dominant variant. That was very high risk in terms of how severe it was. For omicron, while it is more transmissible, all the studies have shown it is less severe. That has changed the conversation about whether mandatory jabs are still proportionate.”

Sajid Javid, however, has stated that the policy will be kept “under review,” and is set to meet with ministers on Monday to formalise any decisions.