How Romanians Fight and Win Against the Government

Both Lidl and Kaufland supermarkets have now tried to implement prison-like fences within their Romanian stores to segregate the unvaccinated from documented™ vaccine green pass holders. I was going to head to my local store to film a short live-action movie with a couple of friends of mine dressed as zombies, the plan being for the ‘zombies’ to attack the fence from within the undocumented area while my friends and I, dressed in military camo gear, shouted out “perimeter alert!” to see people's reactions.

Unfortunately, though, we never had the opportunity to film our escapades. This was not because of the threat of repercussions, however. It was because the Romanian people are used to fighting against the authoritarian measures accompanying communism and fascism alike, and they did so predictably.

You see, complaining to the store directly would not have produced any meaningful result, as would have going to the press, who would have most likely saluted Kaufland’s strong pseudo-border enforcement within their stores. Thus, new and inventive options had to be explored, and one of these forms of action was the mass filing of complaints to various government entities for any and all reasons imaginable.

So, as the store’s managers opened their doors ready to harass citizens into showing their papers, they found an army of government inspectors asking them to present their papers. And, while the health and sanitation, environment, and building inspectors all found nothing wrong with the store’s new measures, the fire and hazard inspectors were most displeased.

It turned out that the people from the vaccinated, I’m sorry, documented™️ side of the store did not have access to the emergency exits due to the positioning of the fencing. As such, the store not only lost face for its creation of such dangers, but it also lost time and money as its legal department and managers argued with the various inspectors. In the end, the store, for all its efforts, was forced to pay a massive fine even after taking down the fences.

Another example of this very Romanian type of justice can be found in another store’s erection of a Christmas tree made entirely out of the empty boxes of Covid vaccinations. Of course, all of this was done with children in mind. But, while encouraging children to be vaccinated through similar appropriations of culture is indeed one of the noblest endeavours of our modern multilateral progressive societies, this one incident severely violated the Romanian government’s order 1226/ 03.12.2012 regarding the safe disposal of medical-biological waste. In the event, the environmental institution found the person responsible for the tree guilty for her negligence, and the resulting fine constituted around three months of that particular lady’s salary.

In case you did not understand by now, dear reader, this is the correct way to fight against the corrupt politicians and government entities that refuse to give you a platform, lock you in your house, shut down your place of work, and ignore you while they are out partying. You simply cannot comply with these entities and expect things to change. Things will not change. 

Make no mistake, however. They want you to go out in the streets in protest so that they can issue harder crackdowns on your liberty for your ‘safety’. They want to turn people against each other. They want to exploit you so that they can divide and conquer. Next time you are aggrieved, point out that what they are doing is illegal. When they, not you, end up getting fined, you make them look criminal at worse, incompetent at best. They expect you to go out in the street and protest; they do not expect you to use their courts and laws against them.

Do not forget that we as a collective have the opportunity to cover them in paperwork and lawsuits after lawsuits. Under mass legal action, they will have no choice but to become ineffective at worst, or give up in frustration at best. 

To demonstrate my point, here is an example of a Romanian friend of mine named Lucian, who has worked in a corporate job in the UK since 2012. Doing nothing but contribute to the multilateral progressive British society, working hard and paying his taxes on time, he could not understand why, in September, the National Health Service published a blog post attacking “white people in the UK.” Lucian fails to understand why the NHS hates him; why it is happy to take his money before spitting on him for the fact that he happens to be ‘white’.

Lucian, however, is an integrated Romanian immigrant respectful of the culture and prosperity of the UK. As such, he has brought some Romanian culture into the London melting pot and, in his disgust at the NHS, he did what every decent citizen should do — he followed the law.

First issuing three letters of complaint to the NHS regarding their grossly offensive and bigoted statement before demanding explanations, Lucian eventually contacted the police. Indeed, the law in the UK clearly encourages people to report any incidents of hate crime to the authorities, and, naturally, Lucian felt obliged to report the NHS for such crimes.

Initially, the police asked if he was actually offended. Lucian claimed that, as an eastern-European with a very difficult life who had had to leave his country, he could not accept that the NHS referred to him in such an offensive manner especially in light of the fact that immigrants such as him pay their taxes so that the people working in the NHS can put food on their tables. The police then asked if there was a paper trail to prove that Lucian tried to work things out with the NHS. To their surprise, there was.

Insisting that this language of bigotry and hate has no place in the United Kingdom, Lucian adequately explained to the police that the blog post constituted a racist crime under Section 127 of the 2003 UK Communications Act. His complaint was further escalated. It is now awaiting a response from the Crown Prosecution Service, and, in the meantime, is due to be read in the Houses of Parliament on January 5th. 

Lucian is just one man. Imagine if a thousand British people had taken the same due diligence to hold the people in power accountable to their own rules, using the legal system in various ways whenever they were wronged. Wouldn’t that create a nice place to live?