Facebook “Needs To Be Broken up”, Says Facebook Global Planning Leader, Labelling Zuckerberg “King of Two Billion People”

Project Veritas has released an undercover video showing Facebook’s Global Planning Leader, Benny Thomas, label Mark Zuckerburg as the “king of two billion people”, stating that Facebook and Google are no longer companies but “countries”.

In the video, Benny Thomas said that he would “break up Facebook”, stating that the company is “doing a lot of damage in the world”. Mr Thomas went on to state that he did not care that he would “make less money” if Facebook was broken up, asserting that “Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Oculus [and] WhatsApp … all need to be separate companies”.

Mr Thomas reflected on the corporation, observing that “no King in the history of the world has been the ruler of two billion people, but Mark Zuckerberg is.” The Global Planning Leader went on to state:

“[Zuckerberg] owns a controlling stake in the company. So, you can't do it the usual way that you do it in corporate [business], which is the board can just fire you, right? The board can’t do that to Zuck. The board can’t do that to Larry Page and Sergey Brin [Google] because they own too much of the company. They're too powerful. So, these are not companies anymore. These are countries.”

Mr Thomas also admitted to Facebook’s involvement in the recent US Presidential election:

“One of the things I worked on, which made me happy, was a voter registration drive. These are the kinds of things - this is the good side of Facebook. This is the kind of thing that you can only do with a company that has the sheer scale and reach of Facebook. We set ourselves a goal of registering four million new people and we went over that target, we did 4.5 [million]…”

The journalist speaking to Mr Thomas remarked that he was sure Biden “won that way,” referring to the additional 4.5 million voters. Mr Thomas agreed, saying “exactly, I think so too”.

When asked what would happen if the tech companies, including Facebook and Google, remained unchecked, Mr Thomas blankly asserted that “we’re in deep s**t” and “bad things” will happen. Mr Thomas, referencing Mark Zuckerburg’s funding of CRISPR and gene editing in collaboration with Prescilla Chan, called the initiatives “a fright” due to their base in eugenics. 

The Global Planning Leader additionally spoke about Facebook’s use of Artificial Intelligence, stating that “AI is essentially evolving to become like human intelligence. Then, it’s going to go beyond human intelligence and at that point, humans are expendable.” Mr Thomas then noted that Facebook’s algorithms are subject to human biases and stressed the importance of fixing the company’s algorithms and AI “sooner rather than later”.



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