Corinne Masiero: Actress Strips Naked at “French Oscars” To Protest Lockdowns

French actress Corinne Masiero stripped naked at the 46th César Awards ceremony in Paris on Friday evening, protesting the government’s lockdown measures and lack of support for the arts and culture.

Corinne Masiero, 57, appeared on stage at the César Awards - dubbed the “French Oscars” - to announce the winner of the Best Costume Design category. The actress was dressed in a donkey costume and blood-stained dress before she removed the garments and stripped naked, revealing messages on her back and torso which attacked the government. 

The event saw a large majority of actors, directors and writers call on the government to take more action to protect and preserve the entertainment industry. After cinemas closed three months ago, the entertainment industry has been severely impacted by successive lockdown measures in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The French government has declined to set a date for the reopening of museums, galleries, concert halls and cinemas, and there has been widespread unrest in France where the French public has followed other European citizenries in protesting lockdown measures

Masiero took aim at the French government, accusing them of “coop[ing] up our youngsters, clos[ing] our cinemas and theatres and bann[ing] concerts” before removing her clothes and revealing the message "no culture, no future" across her torso. Calling out French Prime Minister Jean Castex, Masiero displayed another slogan on her back which read: "Give us back art, Jean."



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