#BodiesUnderBridges: Project Veritas Releases Footage of Makeshift Migrant Facility under Bridge

On Thursday, Project Veritas released new undercover footage from a makeshift migrant detention facility under the Anzalduas International Bridge in McAllen, Texas. The footage comes a week after similar footage was released from a migrant facility in Donna, Texas, showing migrant children living in squalid and cramped conditions. 

The new footage, released on Thursday by Project Veritas, shows migrants of all ages laying in the dirt under the bridge. The footage shows the migrants confined to an area, cordoned off by plastic fencing, with only space blankets for warmth. 

According to Project Veritas, an insider “felt compelled to record and send in the footage” in an effort to illustrate the inhumane conditions to which illegal immigrants are subjected to. The area under the bridge was converted into a makeshift processing centre for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) following the overflow of normal detention facilities near the Southern Border. 

Last week, the White House announced that the handling of the migrant crisis on the Southern US border would be delegated to Vice President Kamala Harris. Ms Harris, who previously stated that the scenes at the border are a “huge problem,” will undertake responsibilities involving diplomacy with the Central American countries known as the Northern Triangle - El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.



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